Memory Maker: Is it worth the price?

We love Memory Maker and get it every time we visit Walt Disney sWorld. It provides excellent photos, just look at this great shot of us in front of Prince Eric’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom on the first night of our honeymoon.

© Disney

But we realize that Memory Maker may not be ideal for every family. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if it is right for you.

Adding memory maker to your Disney vacation can add a pretty hefty price increase. Is this actually worth it or just a way for Disney to make money? There are definitely some cons to Memory maker. The biggest one is the price tag. It is $169 USD to purchase memory maker when you get to the parks. However, you can save twenty dollars, making it $149 USD, if you book it more than 3 days in advance of your check-in day. The other con to memory maker is that you are paying for the service up front, and who knows if you will even use it.

There are some great reasons, however, that Memory Maker may be a worthwhile addition to your plans.

  • Is there one person in your group who is always behind the camera? Memory Maker allows all members of the family to be in the same shot, without trusting a stranger with your camera or phone.
  •  Do you have a little prince or princess who wants to get a picture with every character? Or maybe it’s you who wants character photos, no judgment here. Memory maker is a great way to get great shots with your favourite characters.
  •  Want to make sure that you get the perfect picture tumbling into the Briar patch in a log or thundering around a mountain in a runaway train? It also gives you access to all of these photos with ease.
  • Not to mention that it gives you easy access to your digital prints and bonus magic shots which can be pretty incredible.
  • All of this is provided by professional Disney Photo Pass photographers, who strive to create the best picture that they can.

Disney photo pass pictures are available individually for $14.95 USD a picture, so 10 pictures are roughly equal to the discounted advance purchase price. Whether Memory Maker is a good service is entirely dependent on you and your plans, but if you plan to download more than 10 pictures it may be seriously worth your consideration.

For more information visit Memory Maker-FAQ.



Effective June 6/17 Disney has raised the prices of their memory maker package. The cost is now $199, or or if you purchase it more than 3 days before your vacation it is $169.

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