Tips for Canadian Travellers

There are two large obstacles that face Disney Parks fans from Canada, cost and travel. Here are some of our tips that allow us to visit the parks more often.

  1. Compare prices for bundles. Don’t assume that whatever bundle Disney is offering will be the best deal for you. Price out your trip and compare everything. B and I were really excited for the newest free dining promotion, however, when we priced out everything, we realized that it would save us more money to use the separate discounts and pay for the food ourselves.
  2. Check for Canadian resident discounts. When the exchange rate is particularly bad, Disney likes to give it’s Canadian fans a break. They sometimes offer discounts that are comparable to the exchange rate, usually 20-30%. These tend to be on park tickets only, but you can usually find a room only discount, they offer these several times throughout the year.
  3. Put spending money on a Disney gift card. Everyone has a set budget of what they want to spend when they are in the parks. Unfortunately, when you are in a place like Walt Disney World it is easy to spend more than you intended. Once you get to the parks, put all your spending and food money on a gift card. This way you will be less likely to overspend than if you are using a credit card. Plus it eliminates the confusion that could come with dealing with a foreign currency.
  4. Keep your eyes on the exchange rate but don’t stress about it. When you notice that the exchange rate is particularly good, that is the ideal time to book your vacation, or exchange for American currency. It can also be wise to not pay for everything on one day. If you wait to purchase things at different times before your stay, say hotel/tickets and spending money, then you could get a better rate closer to your trip. That being said, try not to stress about the exchange rates. Unfortunately, they are not ideal, but stressing about them, especially after you have paid for something, could damper your excitement about the trip.
  5. Consider whether staying off-site is a good option for you. While Walt Disney World Resort boasts many wonderful themed hotels on property, there are also numerous Good Neighbour Hotels. There are pros and cons toe both of these options. While staying onsite gives you continuous Disney Experience for your trip, you will pay more money. Good neighbour options allow you to save money, but since you are leaving property you lose some of the Disney magic. It might also be wise to stay on property if you have young ones in your family. Not only will they appreciate the rich theming the Disney resorts offer, but it easier to get back to the hotel in the afternoon for naps or relaxing time.
  6. Consider having a non-park day. There are so many things to do at Walt Disney World besides the theme parks. There is an outdoor shopping plaza called Disney Springs, two miniature golf spots with two courses each, and there is always the pool at your hotel. Consider saving the money on a park day and instead try one of these cheaper or free alternatives.
  7. Save up for any extras before you go and add them to your budget. Research some activities that you want to enjoy while on your vacation and if they have a cost budget for it before you go. There are some awesome experiences that you can enjoy that come at a price. There are things like “Characters in Flight” in Disney Springs, or numerous tours that you can take. You don’t want to discover a great experience only to realize that you can’t afford to do it.
  8. A great book to help you plan your trip is Birnbaum’s 2017 Walt Disney World: The Official Guide. It offers details on all the parks and hotels, information about restaurants and some ideas for those extra touches to make your trip unforgettable. It even has coupons in the back, with great deals on restaurants, Disney Springs Shops and more.

Whether it is your first or hundredth visit to Walt Disney world, there are lots of ways to save money on your trip while still having a fun time.




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